BauType is an experiment by Stephen Bau in creating variable fonts that expand on Herbert Bayer’s original experiments for his 1925 universal typeface. The project has involved explorations with Adobe Multiple Masters, Aldus Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, Fontographer, FontLab, Robofont, Superpolator, and Glyphs to create interpolations between extreme widths and weights.

Stephen Bau

Stephen Bau is a UX designer, writer, and educator from Vancouver, Canada. He works as a mentor for UX Academy at Designlab.

After graduating in 1988 from Kwantlen College with a diploma in graphic design, he worked for a graphic design studio in Vancouver where he helped pioneer the transition to a digital workflow from analog design production. After a couple years, he started his own freelance career under the name Bauhouse Visual Communications, in 1991.

After some undergraduate studies in Communications and Fine Arts, he has since worked in the trenches and behind the scenes of corporate branding, communications, and web design and development projects for local studios and agencies in the Metro Vancouver area.

He prefers pushing the boundaries of design to consider systems thinking as a catalyst for organizational transformation.

You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete. Buckminster Fuller

Type design has been at the core of the work that he has been involved in for over 30 years. The Bauhaus has also been a particular obsession since learning about the influential design school in college.

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