I had the privilege of teaching typography as part of the Graphic + Digital Design program of the University of the Fraser Valley. It was an introduction to typography for students in the UFV College of Arts.

I maintained a course outline for GD154 Typography as part of a Medium publication, Leading with Design.

Course Overview

This course explores the history and foundation of typography beginning in the 19th century to present day. Students will gain an understanding of typographic best practices, and an appreciation for the expressive qualities of type through lectures, projects and presentations.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the historical development of typography
  • Use industry standard typographic terminology
  • Identify systems for type classification, type families, and letterforms
  • Define the anatomy of type
  • Demonstrate an understanding of font formats, usage and licensing
  • Calculate units of measurement
  • Use best practices in the application of typography
  • Use grids for page structure in the application of typography
  • Create custom typographic solutions using hand lettering and digital tools
  • Use type as image
  • Evaluate the readability of text in print and digital media
  • Assess and articulate the successful application of typography